Nanglu, K., many other most excellent friends & colleagues, and myself somewhere in the list. "The nature of science: the fundamental role of natural history in ecology, evolution, conservation, and education". Submitted to Biological Reviews BRV-08-2022-0245. [A collaborative piece on the importance of natural history for science and society.]

Arif, S., Massey, M. D., and MacNeil, A. Reducing Bias in Experimental Ecology Through Graphical Causal Models. Submitted to Nature Methods. [Collaborative piece using Suchinta Arif's incredible statistical skills with my passion for experimental biology.]

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Cultivating a Healthy Cognitive Ecology. Meynell, L., Bielawski, J., Arif, S., and Massey, M. [A philosophy of science paper describing the benefits of cognitive diversity in STEM - in progress.]


Published or in Press

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Author contribution was equal 

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