Outreach and Volunteerism



2018 - Current

I volunteer as a Youth Mentor with WISEAtlantic (Women in Science and Engineering Atlantic) for events such as STEMFest and Science Literacy Week in Halifax.



Canadian Association for Girls in Science


I created and led a film screening for Director and Producer Scott Dobson’s film “Fix and Release” with the Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGIS). We started with a talk by Scott himself, and then finished with a Q&A session from Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre’s Donnell Gasbarrini on turtle research, finding your path in science, and veterinary science.

Oct 28 2017.


We organized a LEGO kinetics workshop with CAGIS, where girls learned about motion and acceleration by launching LEGO vehicles down a ramp. Check out this video of our wipe out!

Nov 28 2017


School Outreach, Public Lectures

School Lecture

I gave a talk on one of my side interests, the evolution of theropod dinosaurs into birds, at the K-Pg boundary.

Feb 2015


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